The Yomento Philosophy

At Yomento we approach leadership development from a new angle. Our views on leadership, and everything we do, stem from these guiding principles.

Our core beliefs about leadership development

We believe that…
Leadership is a set of behaviors

Leadership is about what you do, not what you know. Behaviors can be observed, and therefore they can be practiced and developed. We believe in breaking down the complex and abstract notion of leadership into specific behaviors. 


Frequency of action is essential

Since leadership is a set of behaviors, we can all be leaders – but maybe we aren’t as often as we would like to be. Improving as a leader means engaging in leadership behaviors… often! In fact, we believe that frequency of action is the “secret sauce” of great leadership. 


Building habits trumps knowledge

Doing without knowing is better than knowing without doing. Habits are built over time in a good learning environment and with deliberate practice. Although defining development goals is an important part of leadership development, habit building is what actually makes a difference.


Leadership development should be simple

If you want to drive a behavioral change, it has to be uncomplicated. The behaviors you want to encourage must be simple and impactful: simple, so they are easy to do, and impactful so that leaders are motivated to take action.


Every day is game day

The best time to learn and practice leadership is in real-life situations, during the flow of work. When we learn and develop in our daily context we create direct impact as we learn.


Maintaining a learning mindset is key

We believe that great learners make great leaders. Stepping outside of your comfort zone into your learning zone enables you to grow and flourish. Therefore, having a learning mindset is pivotal to developing and growing.


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