How to be an active listener - part 1

One of the most important skills in the communication tool box is actually how to listen. 

Actively listening to your colleagues will instill trust and build relations. And you will probably learn more when you listen, rather than talk yourself. 

- Okay, so the first step into being a better active listener is to maintain eye contact. It's quite straight forward. Yet very important, here’s why.

• You show that you listen

• You show respect

• You earn trust

The trick is to maintain eye contact most, but not all of the time, or it will be perceived as staring. Here’s a handy checklist for you:

• Put away any distractions

• Keep your posture open and inviting

• Smile

• Maintain eye contact most of the time.

Also, this can of course be practised both at work and at home.

Try this for one day and reflect on how it improved your listening, good luck!

/Your leadership coach