Frequently Asked Questions



What is Yomento?

Yomento is a mobile-only personal leadership trainer (PLT) for developing your core leadership skills. By combining psychology and gamification, focussing on action-driven results, we have redefined mobile coaching. We believe you need to build both self-awareness and self-confidence as a great leader so the PLT will help develop your behavior. You can read about our leadership approach here.


Who is Yomento for?

We have developed the product for ambitious leaders who enjoy leading growth and want to be part of the future, in any sized companies and organizations. But this said, anyone who want to practice core leadership skills can absolutely have a go, we are sure you will be rewarded.


What topics do you cover?

We are focusing on core leadership skills. Your PLT will, after analyzing your personal profile, prioritize your training into themes; feedback, team, time management, delegation, communication and performance.


Who creates the content?

We are creating the content, based on our real leadership and coaching experience with help from industry experts, articles and books. We are focusing on core leadership skills and we are here to help you develop your leadership behavior.


How much does it cost?

To become a Yomento member is 29Euro per month and we have a cancel anytime philosophy. We call this Yomento Pro and is a subscription through the appstores.

If you are a corporate member, different rules apply, please contact us at .


I have ideas for you, how can I share it?

We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at


Can I log in via LinkedIn? 

Yes, just click on the LinkedIn icon in the app on your phone.


Do you share my contact details?

We never share emails/contacts/details to anyone, anytime for any reason. We follow the new GDPR (personal data protection) rules in EU.


How do I update/change my personal data?

In the app, go to Settings and press update profile


How can I delete my personal data?

As we follow the new GDPR, all you need to do is send us a mail at  and we will delete your personal data. We will ensure your identification before we do this.


How can I get access/correct/delete to my personal data?

Again, we follow the new GDPR which must enable you to get access, correct or delete to your personal data. Contact us at and we will help you! And we will of course ensure your identification before we do anything.


If I use Yomento, can anybody else see my profile or my data?

We never share personal data with anyone, for any reason. If you are using Yomento as a corporate member, your company can only see aggregated statistics. The only one who can see your personal data is you.


If I have any questions around my personal data?

Please contact us at and we will help you. Just remember, we will be notorious in identifying you as you before we hand out any personal data.