Implementing Yomento

Our customer success team makes sure the implementation suits your organization. Here’s an example.

Easy setup

Get everyone onboard in 2 minutes

Our solution is easy, and our customer success team promise a smooth end-to-end delivery.

Kick-off with the team

Start your journey, physically or digitally, explaining the time frame and goal. Our customer success team will support you for a smooth delivery.

Send training invitations

Add the leaders in your own administration portal. An email with instructions to download the app and get started arrives in everyone’s inbox. In just minutes, they can begin training leadership with immediate effects.

Get practicing

All leaders practice in the flow of work. In their own pace, in their own environment. Bite-sized training that only takes up 1% of a leader’s time.

Regular follow-ups

Set up peer groups with structured reflection for engagement and accountability. More importantly, sharing data, learnings, and experiences leads to faster growth!

Continuous data insights

Get actionable insights and share the aggregated training data with your leaders in the organization.

What data insights do you get?

Read more about the Yomento Dashboard.

Daily leadership training for better results


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