We take your Anonymity seriously.

Key take aways from this article.

• Yomento’s sole purpose is to help team leaders practice and develop their daily leadership skills and behaviors. In order to improve as a leader, a great opportunity is to get input from the people one leads. That is why Yomento help leaders to collect feedback, on an aggregated level, to help leaders understand what they should focus on in their training and how they can improve.

• Yomento never display your individual answer. Your team leader will only be presented with answers on an aggregated level to understand what the team as a whole think and feel.

• Your team leader is governed by Terms & Conditions that protect your identity.

• Your team leader needs to ask a minimum of 5 different people in order to be able to collect feedback. Yomento will further only display results when a minimum of 3 people have answered the feedback survey. This means, he or she can never draw conclusions on who answered what. This has been tested and approved by Yomento.

• Yomento never collect your name or any personal details. We only collect your answer, which will add to your team’s feedback to your team leader.


What is Yomento?

Yomento is a mobile platform for leadership training. We started with the vision that great leadership help improve engagement and performance at work. We are a team with more than 100 years of leadership and leadership development experience and we know that leaders who are great in their daily leadership will have engaged and happy co-workers.

We want you, as a team member, to be happy and engaged at work and especially thrive in your role in the team.

Yomento is built upon the idea that leadership is best practiced in the daily environment, through practice and experience. Not in a classroom. That is why Yomento is a Personal Leadership Trainer, helping leaders to take action in their daily work. Because leadership is about what you do, not know.

Why should I participate?

By answering Yomento Surveys and sharing your feedback, you will provide your team leader with helpful insights on how he or she can improve as a leader. Based on the team’s answer, on an aggregated level, Yomento will suggest actions that your team leader should practice. In other words, you are contributing to improve your work environment by helping your team leader to take the right actions.

What does my team leader practice?

Here’s the thing. Our work environment is getting more complex and moving faster than ever. The paradox is that team leaders need to be skilled at the daily leadership behaviors.

This has been proven by research from Google, McKinsey, Forbes and Harvard University.

Your team leader practice real actions with Yomento, and we call it Core Leadership Skills.

Your team leader practice 6 Core Leadership Skill-areas.
• Feedback
• Communication
• Performance
• Team
• Time Management
• Self Leadership

Every theme includes training sessions. One training session, for example, could be that your team leader practice giving “instant feedback” to someone in your team.

The ultimate goal is to help your team leader take the right actions to help you thrive in your role. Because that’s how we define leadership.

How does this “Training Priority” work?

Team Training Priority is a simple list of the 6 Core Leadership Skill-areas that Yomento is asking the whole team to rank in the order they think their team leader should practice.

Simply put, you rank 6 different areas. The area on top is the one that you think your team leader should prioritize most in his/her training.

Drag and drop a theme in the order you think your team leader should prioritize.

Drag and drop a theme in the order you think your team leader should prioritize.


When enough team members have submitted a training priority list, Yomento will show this to your team leader in the mobile application.

Here’s an example of how it looks like for your team leader in the mobile application.

Example of how the aggregated result from the team will look like for the team leader in the application.

Example of how the aggregated result from the team will look like for the team leader in the application.


Who can see my feedback?

No one can see your individual feedback. Your team leader will only see the team’s feedback on an aggregated level. Yomento cannot see your individual feedback as well.

How does Yomento handle my data?

All your data is stored on secure servers and is protected by strict rules and protocols. Yomento is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we have company policies to always consider data security.