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Leadership development should be more relevant to each individual. That's why Yomento is a Personal Leadership Trainer who gives every leader a customized training program, focus on behavioral change and measure the progress.


Effective leadership training is about learning by doing.

In order to develop new behaviors, a leader must practice. That’s why every leader get small todo’s on a daily basis to nudge them in the right direction. We call it bite sized training.

Give instant feedback
Leadership is like a muscle

Small actions, big impact.

The training focus on taking small daily actions that have a big positive impact on the team's engagement and performance.

Because leadership is about what you do, not know.


Core Leadership Skills

Our work environment is getting more complex and moving faster than ever. The paradox is that leaders of today and the future need to master core leadership skills better than ever before. Wherever and whoever you lead.

The objective is to make the team engaged, innovative and productive  - happily working together towards a shared vision and goals.

Core leadership skills

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