Leadership starts with action.

Leadership development must measure and improve leadership habits in real-time, and in real work.


Reinventing how leaders grow and develop.

Yesterday’s approach to leadership development no longer works.

Only 20% effectiveness

Research shows that 80% of what is learned in leadership programs is never applied.

Knowing without doing is not growth.


Only 24% of Leadership Development programs actually measure impact.

Leaving most organizations unaware of how ineffective their initiatives really are. 

You get what you measure.

(Harvard Business Review)

Accelerating Developmental Impact

Our transformational ‘Doing Integrated Learning’ approach creates a new standard for how to improve and measure true leadership performance.

By blending the ‘knowing’ and the ‘doing’ into an iterative process, leaders can successfully transfer new knowledge into actual leadership.

We use technology and behavioral science to nudge leaders towards building relevant leadership habits in real time and in real work.

After all – the true measure of growth is to personalize new habits.

How Change Happens

Empowering Leaders with Measurable Outcomes


Fewer toxic leaders

Leadership programs using Yomento successfully shift60% of leaders from being perceived
as toxic to non-toxic.


As many habits built

Yomento leaders build 4 times as many relevant habits over the duration of a 3-6 month program as leaders not usingYomento.


Measurable impact

100% of Yomento clients measure impact metrics such as behavioral shifts andinitiative ROI.

Customer Impact Story

Volvo Cars

During 2022, 800 leaders participated in a 3-month-long.
Leadership Essentials Program.

Volvo’s Challenge

  • Make their foundational program more scalable though a blended learning design.

  • At the same time, increase the transfer of learning and improve lasting behavioral change.

  • Measure training impact and prove that the program was worth the investment.


  • Integrated Yomento into the program as its action tool.

  • Yomento was customized around Volvo Cars’ leadership framework – Leading @Volvo Cars.


  • 80% of participants built new leadership habits according to the people they lead.

  • 86% would recommend the tool to other leaders.

  • 60% of toxic leaders shifted to non-toxic.

  • The toxic leader cost saving for 2022 due to the LE programs totaled $28 million.

“The results were absolutely fantastic! Simply put, over 90% thought they benefited from it, that they became better leaders, and that they would recommend the tool to other leaders.”

Urban Andenius

Head of Leadership at Volvo Cars

Yomento Leadership Action Platform

3 tools that enable action and measurability

A super easy-to-implement, plug-and-play solution for your already existing leadership
programs and initiatives.

Habit Scan

Diagnose your Organization's Leadership Habits and Performance

Through our Leadership Habit Scan, we measure your organization’s leadership habits and performance.

The Habit Scan is based on 60+ evidence-based keystone leadership behaviors. Our Habit Scan will anonymously map out the true and toxic leaders in your organization.

The Habit Scan will also equip every leader with a personalized development action plan that is ready to go in the Habit Builder tool.

Habit Builder

Boost action and drive measurable growth through personalized science-based nudges.

Our Habit Builder uses behavioral science to nudge leaders to build relevant leadership habits in real time and in real work.

The Habit Builder action tool will enable your leaders to become self-driven to develop leadership habits through a personalized and adaptive development plan.

Leader Analytics Dashboard

Unlock Your Organization's True Leadership Potential

Our Leader Analytics Dashboard unlocks deep insights into your leadership talent and enables you to become data-informed in your decision-making.

Leader Analytics empower you to map your organization’s key areas for improvement to result in the relevant behaviors proven to drive business objectives.

Leader Analytics will help you measure habit shifts in your organization and demonstrate the positive impact on your business.


Answers to Your Most
Pressing Questions

How much does it cost?


The cost of the platform may vary depending on factors such as company size and features, but the user license fee is always a flat rate of $10 per month, charged only for active users, and it remains the same regardless of the size of your company.

How hard is it to implement?


Yomento has over 7 years of experience working with hundreds of clients and
following all security measures to ensure a smooth implementation.

As a digital tool, Yomento is both fast and scalable to implement
throughout your company, providing a seamless experience for your leaders. With
our expert guidance and support, we will work closely with you to customize the
platform to your needs and ensure a successful implementation.

What is the expected ROI?


Our data shows that 16% of leaders are considered toxic, and according to a Harvard Business Review article, each toxic leader can cost the organization up to $12,500 per year in lost productivity, increased turnover, and other factors. For an organization with 1,000 leaders, this amounts to a yearly cost of $2,000,000.

At Yomento, we can help you measure the cost of toxic leadership in your organization and transform passive leaders into active ones. This can result in a yearly savings of up to $12,500 per leader, without even considering other benefits
for your organization.

Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve a positive ROI with Yomento.

What is the foundation for the Yomento methodology?


The Yomento methodology is based on extensive research and expertise in leadership development. It is founded on the principles of positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics to create a sustainable and measurable
approach to leadership development.

The program is designed to enhance leadership skills by focusing on developing specific habits that are essential for effective leadership. Through Yomento, leaders can receive personalized feedback, insights, and guidance to help them achieve their leadership goals and become better leaders.

Yomento vs. your current leadership development tools


Yomento is designed to support and enhance your existing leadership initiatives and will help you turn your leadership framework into concrete and measurable habits, making implementation as seamless and effective as possible. 

You can easily use Yomento alongside your current leadership development tools, providing you the valuable insights and data to improve and meassure your leadership development efforts. 

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