At Menigo, all leaders get the chance to grow

Menigo Foodservice is one of Sweden’s most prominent food suppliers – with more than 100 leaders. In terms of leadership development, Menigo has decided to invest in leadership training for all its leaders – on all levels of the organization. Every leader in the company has taken on a simple but critical task: to practice leadership each day to reach company goals.

The challenge and mission

The organization has a clear goal of strengthening leadership and employee engagement. To achieve this, a 6-month on-the-job training program has been designed for 110 leaders in the company. The program is aimed at improving leadership skills and enhancing employee engagement levels. 

The success of the program was measured using two key performance indicators (KPIs) - engagement and leadership index - that was monitored company-wide. The aim is to continuously improve these metrics and create a more engaged and effective workforce.

Leadership training with Yomento

Menigo chose to partner with us at Yomento to support the development of their leaders. The Yomento platform is developed to inspire and support leaders to practice leadership behaviors every day, and thereby empower teams and organizations to reach its goals.

To succeed however, training must be put into a relevant context – simply signing up for an app is not enough. A few success criteria’s was established together with Menigo:

  • Clear, time-bound and inspiring goals
  • Effective onboarding of all leaders
  • Real-time data to track progress
  • Monthly follow-ups for accountability, to maintain motivation, and to share insights

“We really increased the frequency of leadership behaviors in the entire organization. Most importantly though, we were able to see the real impact of this in our annual survey:  our employees states clearly that their leaders have improved for them, and they rate their own engagement scores higher”

Pia Pierre

Talent Manager at Menigo Foodservice AB

Easy access and data-driven leadership development

Menigo kicked off their new leadership initiative during a leadership conference where all leaders participated. Yomento gave a short introduction on the importance of daily leadership and practice, and then guided the leaders to activate and familiarize themselves with the app. In just a few minutes all leaders were onboard and had completed their very first training session!

Menigo can easily access aggregated (not individual) data on training progress throughout the organization; such as leadership themes chosen, training sessions completed, and benchmarks between different functions. Also, each month Menigo’s CEO Jonas Köhler follows up on the initiative, encouraging the leaders to keep training.

The Results

Six months into the leadership training on-the-job, Menigo measured the impact through their annual employee survey, Sysco Speaks. A total of 4.500 leadership training activities had been completed by the leaders and the results were as follows:

  • An increase in Leadership Index with +4% (total company)
  • An increase in Engagement Index with +2% (total company)
  • A clear positive correlation between leadership training frequency and Leadership Index

How Change Happens

Empowering Leaders with Measurable Outcomes


Fewer toxic leaders

Leadership programs using Yomento successfully shift60% of leaders from being perceived
as toxic to non-toxic.


As many habits built

Yomento leaders build 4 times as many relevant habits over the duration of a 3-6 month program as leaders not usingYomento.


Measurable impact

100% of Yomento clients measure impact metrics such as behavioral shifts andinitiative ROI.

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